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Research activities of QRDLab in knowledge partnership with University of Calcutta's work on collaborative basis with universities and academic institutions across globe to contribute in quantum computing domain and provide a quantum ecosystem for researchers, developers and industry personals  to map real-world hard problems in quantum setting.

Key research Areas:

  • Devising novel quantum algorithms based on QAA, QFT, Quantum Walk Approach

  • Fault-tolerant quantum logic synthesis

  • Algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems

  • Physical design aware quantum circuit synthesis

  • Developing full-entropy Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs)

  • Quantum-based hybrid cryptographic solutions

  • Exploring Quantum-key Distributions (QKD)

  • Devising Quantum-Safe cryptographic approaches

  • Developing classical-quantum hybrid ML solutions

  • Exploring quantum perceptron models

  • Exploring quantum applications on ML like Quantum Support Vector Machines (QSVMs), Quantum Principal Component Analysis (QPCA), feature topology and others

Ongoing & Published Research

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