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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

So you want to start a carrier in quantum computing or want to find a track in the field.

The subjects which you should focus on are mentioned here is in this article by QRDLab where you will get the basic and proper idea of the same. This is the starting stone which you can follow to have a golden opportunity in the fields of quantum computing education, quantum computing research, and innovation in quantum computing. This might also help one to easily crack a job opportunity in the field of quantum computing.

This field requires expert personnel belonging to not only physics or computing fields but requires

an amalgamation of research personnel belonging to various fields. For any individual to have a

grasp in the field of quantum they need the basic knowledge of the fields such as computational

complexity theory, analysis of algorithms, probability and distributions, statistics, vector

space, linear algebra and quantum physics to name a few. In this article, we have highlighted all

the basics that are required by any budding researcher to enter the field in brief so that they can

start experimenting with the field and get new insights.

Download • 7.05MB

Authors and Contributors

Subhra Samir Kundu, QRDLab

Nivedita Dey, QRDLab, University of Calcutta

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