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Abreast of the developments of quantum computing research, quantum awareness through education and training is an acceletator to achieve quantum era. Potential success of quantum technology will remain in dormancy until the educational opportunities of quantum are brought close to a diverse spectrum of students at both graduate and undergraduate level.Educational initiative of QRDLab in academic collaboration with University of Calcutta aims to advance the use of quantum computing principles from laboratory curiosity to an impactful paradigm shift in technology. Our proposed certification programmes and degree courses on quantum are to provide quality educational experiences through learning resources, tools, quantum system access for explorative research and many more.


Along with providing Research as a Service (RaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) to various budding tech industries in West Bengal in multi-disciplinary research domain, QRDLab emphasizes on quantum computing education nation wide. This will create a favorable ecosystem to build a quantum computing and information processing hub in the state. Initial projection in promoting quantum education will comprise of :

  • Proposed Certification Courses

    • Certification on Quantum Technology

    • Certification on Quantum Algorithm

    • Certification on Quantum Communication and Cryptography

    • Certification on Quantum Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

    • Certification on Data Science and Data Analytics

      • All the certification courses approved by recognised University

      • Initial batch strength - 20 students per batch

      • Course duration - 3 months

      • No. of session per year - 2

  • Proposed MS Programme

    • Master of Science in Quantum Computing

      • MS Program is approved by University of Calcutta

      • Initial batch strength - 20 students per batch

      • Course duration - 2 years

      • No. of session per year – 1

      • Subject to approval of the University

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