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About QRDLab

A Quantum Research and Development Initiative

QRDLab is an Industry-first initiative originated in Kolkata, India to promote quantum research, education and consulting in multiple areas of Quantum Computing. Primary objective will be to pursue high end research in several areas of quantum-inspired software to simulate various real life problems. QRDLab will aim to collaborate with independent researchers and academic institutions to accelerate quantum research. The effort includes translating nascent research ideas and advancing entire Quantum Computing technology stack in India.


Inspired by Prof. (Dr.) Subhansu Bandyopadhyay sir to put potential impact on research and education to facilitate the path of projecting India as one of the core hubs of emerging technologies in near-term future, a pool of researchers, spawned out primarily from University of Calcutta, have made a vision to bulid up a quantum ecosystem through an Industry-Academia collaborative venture. 

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Our Knowledge Partners & Research Collaborators


University of Calcutta


India Internet Foundation

Quantum Research

Research activities of QRDLab in knowledge partnership with University of Calcutta's work on collaborative basis with universities and academic institutions across globe to contribute in quantum computing domain and provide a quantum ecosystem for researchers, developers and industry personals  to map real-world hard problems in quantum setting.

  • Devising novel quantum algorithms based on QAA, QFT, Quantum Walk Approach

  • Fault-tolerant quantum logic synthesis

  • Algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems

  • Physical design aware quantum circuit synthesis

  • Developing full-entropy Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs)

  • Quantum-based hybrid cryptographic solutions

  • Exploring Quantum-key Distributions (QKD)

  • Devising Quantum-Safe cryptographic approaches

  • Developing classical-quantum hybrid ML solutions

  • Exploring quantum perceptron models

  • Exploring quantum applications on ML like Quantum Support Vector Machines (QSVMs), Quantum Principal Component Analysis (QPCA), feature topology and others


Quantum Education

Abreast of the developments of quantum computing research, quantum awareness through education and training is an acceletator to achieve quantum era. Potential success of quantum technology will remain in dormancy until the educational opportunities of quantum are brought close to a diverse spectrum of students at both graduate and undergraduate level.

Educational initiative of QRDLab in academic collaboration with University of Calcutta aims to advance the use of quantum computing principles from laboratory curiosity to an impactful paradigm shift in technology.
Our proposed certification programmes and degree courses on quantum are to provide quality educational experiences through learning resources, tools, quantum system access for explorative research and many more.


Quantum computing education in alliance with substantial development in quantum research, is expected to revolutionalize the quantum computing maturity.


'Quantum future is awaiting'

Quantum Consulting

Unleash the power of quantum and be a frontier in adopting quantum technology

'Quantum' is the next big thing in computing. Leveraging true potential of quantum hardware and software needs deep insights into multidisciplinary areas of science, engineering and technology - which in turn, requires expertise in diversed verticals of physics, mathematics, electronics and computing.

We provide strategic roadmap for companies to help them understand and capitalize the true capabilities of quantum in near term era.


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